She hated her long hair

My girlfriend's name is Melody. Melody has always been a girly-girl. She seemed to like being that way or so I thought.

Anyway, I was waiting for my girlfriend to get ready for our date, again. I told her to hurry up already so we don't mis the movie.

She said, "I am fixing my hair, these things take time. I keep my hair nice for you, you know."

I responded "I like it when you look nice, but if you cut your hair to your neck I wouldn't mind."

Melody said "Really?, I'll get the scissors if your serious. I would love to save the time but i don't think you really mean that."

I glared at her "Yes, I do but you don't have the balls to cut it off." She was testing me patience.

She said let's get the scissors. Should you cut it or should I?

I said go ahead if you got the balls. She grabbed the scissors and hacked her mid-back length hair to her should area. Then she kissed me like she never kissed me before. I was hard as a rock and could tell she was getting turned on too.

I asked "If you wanted your haircut short, why didn't you say so?"

She said "I wanted to please you, I like being a girly-girl but I like to workout too. I thought you would find me less attractive with short hair."

I said "You have the face for any hairstyle or look, even bald."

"Would you mind if I were?" She said.

"If you did that I would be your sex slave for a week, but I know you want to wait until marriage and I'll wait for you."

She could see I was as hard as rock between my legs and she was starting to get wet there too.

She shouted "Even up my hair to neck length, and I'll give your penis, or Lord of the Manor as you like to call him a blowjob."

"Are you serious?", I asked. "Dead serious", She said.

I cut her hair in a straight line and it turned out professional enough looking. She agressively unbuttoned my jeans and sucked me like an angel. I tried to hold off as long as I could but I came within minutes. She seemed to be enjoying herself as well as she smiled and swallowed ever last drop.

I said "I thought you wanted to wait to have sex until after you are married?, Not that I'm complaining!"

I did but I figured how much I wanted you and how glad I was to give up my hair that I should break the rules for a change. Besides I want you to suck me off now as well. You don't have a problem with that do you?

No, I would like to try that with you. Good she said removing her dress. I noticed she wasn't wearing panties underneath.

I was surprised, as this was totally out of character for her.

She could tell I was surprised as she started to push my head to her feminine neather regions and I didn't even care that she was hairy, she came and said. Would you like me to shave all this off?, pointing between her moist legs.

Yes!, I replied.

Good she said, "I can use my cum as shaving cream." We both giggled.

She grabbed the razor and it took fifteen to twenty minutes and I got rock hard again. She gave me another blowjob lasting a few minutes.

She said, "I figure I owe it you after being such a tease with that shave. "I'm sorry." she said giving me a wink!

I realized that she wasn't wearing underwear and I asked "Did you plan this?"

She said, "I didn't plan the haircutting, but I was planning to seduce you tonight. I hope I didn't take advantage of you", she said giving me a wink. "If I did I need to punished for being a very, very bad girl and you'll have to punish me." she said, she winked again. "Do I need to be punished with a buzzcut or a headshave master?" She smiled and she was getting wet again, and I was getting as hard as a rock.

"Yes, you do mistress. How bad do you want to be punished?" I said.

"Master your in charge, my body is all yours, do as you wish and thank you for my current haircut but I don't think I deserve any hair on my head after that. My hair and body is yours do as you please from now on, as long as you are my master."

"You are right, all that hair has got to go. I am going to be the one with longer hair from now on."

She said, "Would you like a blowjob master?"

"Sure", I said "But I would like to cum inside you. I have wanted to for a long time."

"I will think about it", she said before he gave me another blowjob, I lasted several minutes or more that time. She sucked up every last drop and said thanks for the snack!, smiling.

"I would if you promise me we will get married and raise our child together if you get me pregnant." She said.

"Don't you know that's the type of man I am by now?" I said.

She said, "You are right, I am sorry I doubted you. I love you so much and would do anything for you."

I asked her point blank "Are you suggesting you want to marry me?" (being the direct kind of guy that I am)

She said, "Yes!, more than anything in the world."

We looked at each other and I said "Yes, I'll marry you."

She said, "It's time for my haircut to start our new life together, show me no mercy."

I shaved her head to a buzz and then I used a razor to get ready to shave her clean when she said "Could you cum on my head for shaving cream?" She gave me a blowjob and I finished on her head and shaved her smooth and we thought to ourselves, What will other people think?

We went into the bedroom, and I came inside her. I didn't know if I had it in me.

We didn't care because we loved each other.

She hated her long hair